Monday, June 28, 2010

Target Liquidation Truckload of Overstock Womans Apparel

I recently bought a Truckload of Target Department Stores Overstocks. The Overstock Target Truckload had twelve pallets. The closeout merchandise was womans apparel. I made a very good purchase on the overstock apparel.
I paid five thousand eight hundred dollars for the wholesale liquidation lot of womans clothing.
The quality was average, Not as good as Macy's. I sold the pallets for eight hundred dollars each. I made a profit of all most four thousand dollars. I sold all of the target overstock pallets in a week.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Overstock Truckload of Target Liquidation Kitchen Wares and Small Electrics

Just finished a truckload of overstocks. The liquidation truckload was from Target department stores excess inventory. The overstocks were kitchen wares and small electric appliances. Their were ten pallets of liquidation overstocks on the truckload.
I paid three thousand five hundred dollars for the pallets of overstocks.
I sold the pallets for six hundred per pallet of surplus merchandise from Target.
Four different customers purchased pallets from me.I made a profit of two thousand five hundred dollars. All sales were cxash. It took four days to sell the merchandise.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sears Truckload of Overstock Liquidation General Merchandise

Just finished a truckload of Sears overstocks. The truckloads of overstocks was from sears liquidation inventory. Their were 12 pallets of overstock general merchandise on the truckload. The general merchandise was mainly hard goods. It consisted of housewares small appliances, tools and barbecue accessories. I paid two thousand for the overstock truckload of general merchandise.
I sold the pallets to four different customers. The total for all sales of overstocks was four thousand dollars. I sold all the products in ten days. I made about two hundred a day profit. I just started selling overstocks after a one year break. It beats construction.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wholesale Liquidation Pallets from K-marts excess Inventory

I purchased ten pallets from K-marts liquidation inventory. The pallets were overstocks and some customer returns. The majority was general merchandise. Their were two pallets of woman's apparel.
I paid two thousand two hundred for the liquidation truckload from k-mart's excess inventory. I resold the general merchandise pallets for four hundred each. The two pallets of overstock woman's apparel i charged fifteen hundred dollars total.
The liquidation pallets were all sold in five days. All sales were cash. I made a nice profit of five thousand dollars selling this liquidation merchandise.

Friday, March 6, 2009

BRN net Volunteer Help Line

Before you buy your first truckload

pallet or wholesale lot call us first.

One of BRN's volunteers will help


(877) 737 - 2827

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two Pallet Wholesale Lot of Liquidation Tools from Harbor Freight.

Harbor Freight Tools returns are nice wholesale liquidation lots. I bought two pallets of customer returned tools from a trading company. I paid seventeen hundred for the wholesale lot. There were many very nice tools in the two pallets. Cement mixer, a trailer, 3 welders, 8 cordless drills , 8 air compressors, 3 demolition hammers, 15 misc. air tools, 25 misc. electric hand tools.
I listed most of the tools on Craigs lists for 60% of the price at harbor freight.I had to re-list some of the tools after 7 days. I sold about 80% of the tools I listed. The tools that did not sell I sold at the flea market last weekend. I made about $1,200 profit on the two pallets of tools. I am going to buy a wholesale lot of 7 pallets now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wholesale Designer Handbags and Purses Liquidated by the Surplus Master Happy Pallet

surplus liquidation designer handbags bought by the 6 pallet lot . bought a small truckload of designer purses from Macy's liquidation inventory. The truckload of designer purses had only six pallets of surplus merchandise. I paid four thousand eight hundred for the truckload of purses. This turned out to be a good investment. I sold the designer purses on Ebay. The total of all sales of the wholesale truckload of designer handbags was sixteen thousand six hundred.
Investing in liquidation merchandise provides a nice return. Much better than losing money in a bank. You can liquidate a small truckload of 5-10 pallets in about sixty days. More than 100% return with only a few hours a week. Selling these designer handbags is not as much fun as selling a truckload of tools but is very profitable part of a liquidators options. Learn about all different types of products to wholesale in the liquidation industry.

Friday, July 11, 2008

surplus wholesale: Bulk Goods and Surplus Salvage from Federated Department Stores

surplus wholesale: Bulk Goods and Surplus Salvage from Federated Department Stores are a wise investment. This story shows how with a little effort one can make some money liquidating merchandise from major depatrtmemnt stores. Buying truckloads of Macy;s or Sears overstocks and xloseouts and evan customer returns can give a nice return on investment.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wholesale Tools 25 Pallets;Truckload of Liquidation From Harbor Freight Tools

Buying wholesale tools from Harbor Freight's Liquidation inventory is a good investment.. You get twenty five pallets of tools. These are great big gaylords filled with tools. It is difficult for me to sell . Not that I do not have plenty of customers that want to buy pallets of liquidation tools. I love tools. I just want to play with all the surplus tools. I spent six weeks before i could let the last pallet go. The entire truckload of harbor freight tools is manifested (by the pallet). I still had to open each pallet tro see what was inside.
I kept close to thirty five pieces. I paid twelve thousand for the twenty five pallets.My total sales for the harbor freight truckload was twenty one thousand five hundred. I doubled my money and got some toys. The only problem I let too much time pass before i let them go. If you like tools harbor freight truckloads are good to buy when you have some extra time. It is easy to find customers but difficult to let those tools go.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Closeouts Overstocks; Liquidation Inventories the Numbers

When buying truckloads of surplus closeouts and overstock merchandise the price is a percentage of the wholesale cost. Liquidation purchases price can be confusing. If you are wanting to purchase a manifested truckload of surplus closeouts from K-Mart. A broker or trading company quotes you a price of 20%. You start to negotiate a price. If you can buy the load for 17% of the wholesale cost you save 15% on the price. It sounds like only 3% . The difference between 20 - 17 =3. That is not the way to calculate the percent savings
Here is an example:
wholesale cost of load $1000
X 20%
$ 200
X 17%
$ 200 -- $170 =$30 is 15% of $200

That is how 3 percent is actually 15% when figuring what is the percentage saving between 20% of wholesale cost and 17% of wholesale cost.
Remember one or two points of wholesale costs is much higher than it appears.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wholesale overstocks of Surplus Electronics from Circuit City

I purchased a truckload of surplus overstock electronics from Circuit Citys' liquidation inventory. The truckload of surplus electronics had twelve pallets. The pallets were overstock wholesale electronics. The merchandise was new condition. The pallets of surplus electronics consisted of:
five pallets of surplus overstock car audio
five pallets of 26" and 32" L.C.D. tv's
one pallet of digital cameras
one pallet of electronic accessories
I paid fourteen thousand dollars for the truckload of surplus electronics.
I sold the merchandise to five different customers for a total of twenty -seven thousand dollars.
good liquidating of surplus overstock electronics

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Liquidation Pallets of Plastic Merchandise Bags from China

I purchased a couple of pallets of plastic bags from a friend of mine.Their are six trillion plastic bags sold each year. I am going to be liquidating wholesale plastic bags. Including plastic printed bags,plastic merchandise bags,plastic trash bags to name some types of plastic bags that I will Be Liquidating

Friday, April 18, 2008

Truckload of Wholesale Closeouts from Best Buy Consumer Electronics Pallets

Consumer electronics from "Best Buy" liquidation inventory are good money makers. I just sold the last two pallets of surplus liquidation electronics truckload from best buy, I purchased a twelve pallet truckload of surplus electronics. I paid fourteen thousand for the closeout electronics truckload. the total for the truckload of electronics pallets was twenty-one thousand dollars. This electronics truckload was sold in sixteen days. This makes for a nice margin.
Closeout electronics are much better than customer returns. Customer returns electronics (salvage electronics) have many problems

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bulk surplus Wholesale Liquidation pallets of electronics from Circuit City

Surplus pallets of electronics from circuit city was a good investment for me. Last fifteen days i sold twelve pallets of liquidation inventory from circuit city. These pallets of surplus electronics were full of name brand closeout consumer electronics. The variety of consumer electronics was good. Car audio,mp3 players, mp4 players,home audio, G.P.S. systems,cell phones, 2 pallets of L.C.D. T.V.'s and 1 pallet of digital cameras. The consumer electronics were closeout or discontinued. Evan though discontinued people still like the discounted price I was able to offer them. I sold the surplus consumer electronics to four different retailers. I paid $23,000 for the truckload of surplus electronics. The total sales for all twelve pallets of electronics was $41,000. I nearly doubled my investment in half a month.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

: Wholesale distribution of surplus apparel

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: Wholesale distribution of surplus apparel
Surplus bulk apparel are good places to put your money. I have made good profits from thre bulk surplus apparel i have purchased this year. I have bought abou six truckloads of surplus bulk goods that included liquidation apparel lots.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: Wholesale distribution of surplus apparel

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: Wholesale distribution of surplus apparel from k-mart offer a nive variety of product for ebayers andonline auctioneers. Pallets of K-mart liquidation merchandise have made me a lot of money this year. I have many ebayers that i am their source of liquidation product. They purchase pallets of bulk goods from me every week.

wholesale closeout liquidation merchandise: Bulk goods and salvage apparel from discount stores

wholesale closeout liquidation merchandise: Bulk goods and salvage apparel from discount stores
Buying truckloads of liquidation product from surplus salvage dealers is good investment. Allways try to find manifested merchandise. The manifests is a valuable tool.

Friday, April 11, 2008

bulk goods of Target merchandise

Just about two days since I sold the last of my bulk goods salvage truckload . This was a truckload from Target > The bulk goods were surplus liquidation merchandise. I paid twenty two thousand for the pallets of liquidation bulk goods . I masde a good chunk of change . I found a wholesale distributor in Houston Texas, He bought the entire truckload of salvage bulk goods from me. He paid thirty thousand for all the pallets of bulk goods.
This made me very happy. good profit on bulk goods from Target. All in All a easy profitable week.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

overstocks sears pallets of blinds,domestics and electronics pallets

wow just ordered a big manifests of sears merchandise. The order has four Bill Of Ladings . These will be put in i master bill of lading for the full trailer of overstocks of electronics. I will be exporting the full truckload to El Salvador. This is a good example of wholesale close-out and overstock liquidation as a great opportunity to export south for good profit.My client in central America will triple her money with theses liquidation sear's pallets. She makes the most m0ney from the pallets of sear's surplus liquidation electronics of overstocks. Most ofd the curtains and domestics are in excellent condition.
The pallets of domestics overstocks and surplus liquidation cccurtains from sears are 6 feet tall. The value is exceptional . The cost on the curtains and blinds from sears was only 8% of the wholesale cost.
Go to go,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

overstocks a key in liquidation of excess inventory

One of the problems of supply chain management during the hollidays is what to do with the seasonal merchandise like your overstocks and closeouts. Theis excess inventory needs to be liquidated at the end of the season.This bulk inventory can be liquidated for good profits. You need to buy bulk items by the truckload to make a profit
This produces closeouts and overstocks. This merchandise ios new produck . It must be liquidated in the form of wholesale closeouts and wholesale overstocks
To purchase this merchandise by the truckload you need to obtain contracts with the major retailers like sears and macy's and Target department stores these contracts let you buy with no middle man. Bulk items and wholesale overstocks make trading companies big profits selling this distressed inventories.