Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wholesale Tools 25 Pallets;Truckload of Liquidation From Harbor Freight Tools

Buying wholesale tools from Harbor Freight's Liquidation inventory is a good investment.. You get twenty five pallets of tools. These are great big gaylords filled with tools. It is difficult for me to sell . Not that I do not have plenty of customers that want to buy pallets of liquidation tools. I love tools. I just want to play with all the surplus tools. I spent six weeks before i could let the last pallet go. The entire truckload of harbor freight tools is manifested (by the pallet). I still had to open each pallet tro see what was inside.
I kept close to thirty five pieces. I paid twelve thousand for the twenty five pallets.My total sales for the harbor freight truckload was twenty one thousand five hundred. I doubled my money and got some toys. The only problem I let too much time pass before i let them go. If you like tools harbor freight truckloads are good to buy when you have some extra time. It is easy to find customers but difficult to let those tools go.


laura said...

How do you sell your stuff? I've been looking for some good ways to move some closeouts.

laura said...

Where do you sell your pallets? I've been looking for ways to move some closeouts.

Jack - TechLiquidators said...

I would like to mention that I work closely with a site called TechLiquidators. TL is owned by Best Buy and primarily offers pallet auctions and truckload liquidation closeouts. The majority of these lots are customer returns, second inventory items, and refurbished electronic goods. We steadily have truckload lots of major name brand electronics such as Sony, Nintendo, Apple, and more. Feel free to check out our site regularly and follow us on twitter for new listings!